Caterina Gambardella has decided to flood the net with an ocean of jewels that fuse precious metals, stones and ebony.

The web offers an innovative opportunity to those that for generations long dedicate themselves to craftsmanship, refining a mastery, which is the fruit of tradition. Could there be a more appropriate medium to integrate two entities, that so far have been so distant from each other? Our glorious and daring expertise and the need to expand the horizons of market and taste to new sincretisms. This kind of globalisation is an opportunity. Rather than posing the risk to disconnect us from our roots, the internet presents them with a challenge.



Stepping into the web does not mean abandoning the identity of minor or major cultural history. It doesn’t necessarily lead to joining the long catalog of anonymous products. Working with the web for our needs rather suggests that we strongly believe in what we have done so far and that we don’t fear global competition. This is not only an opportunity, but a must. First, because if we believe in the value of our handmade products we need to launch them where we feel convinced they can compete. But moreover, on the long term, the web is the only mean for our tradition to survive, facing a capitalism that is already beating us with its industrial production.



Caterina Gambardella had a unique training, as she made her first steps in the profession in the faraway land of Venezuela and picked up the manual skills from her father, a jeweler and a gemology expert. Later, traveling to Europe and the Orient helped refine her taste. As evident in her new Autumn-Winter collection, dedicated to China, Caterina Gambardella continuously manages to fuse these various influences with the mastery of her father and with the remarkable tradition of the jewelers of Campania, which is exactly the point of departure from which she enjoys promoting the work of her maison.